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Friends, I feel like June has just been a hard month for everyone. At least, that's the impression I get. Between our collective mourning for Orlando and the general grit we find ourselves rubbing up against in our everyday lives, we're all wandering through painful, thin places.

I have struggled through a lot of depression, anxiety, and shame this month, so I won't be sad to see it go. But there have been beautiful things, too, so I'm choosing to share those.


loving: days off. Because I can read all the books and clean all the rooms and watch all the Netflix and pretend that the world outside doesn’t exist. Also, I have been obsessed with instagram lately.

needing: more diligence. Always more diligence.

wanting: a mani/pedi, and to be sunbathing. Also wanting a house of our own so bad I can’t stand it.

celebrating: family birthdays, our third anniversary, and lessons learned in the past three years.

writing: a lot about shame, lately, and finding space to come undone. Also, my first letter for More Love Letters (how did I really wait this long?).

reading: Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic, the book of Genesis, and this post by Jenna Bednarsky over and over and over again.

watching: Friday Night Lights with the man, Pretty Little Liars by myself (because he just can’t stand it) and the documentary Matt Shepard is My Friend (be prepared to sob if you watch this).

listening: Resurrecting, by Elevation. On repeat all day everyday. In Your name, I come alive to declare your victory. 

wishing: there were a few more hours in the day.

drinking: lots and lots of water, and I always knew that it made a difference, but gosh, I feel so much better whenever I have a full glass beside me throughout the day.

eating: cinnamon buns as big as our heads last week in Charleston. If you’re ever in town, you absolutely must stop at The Obstinate Daughter for brunch. It was, by far, the highlight of our trip.


Amber and I threw the doors wide open and invited anyone and everyone (that means you) to hang out with us for coffee dates this month.

I feel like this post on marriage is one of the best things I have ever written.

There you have it, a recap of June. I'd love to hear what your month was like and what you've been up to lately!

let's talk // january favorites

These are the words + products + ideas + jams that had me at hello in January:

My Name is Hope, by Alyson VanCleave // I cannot adequately describe my love for this piece. I have shared it all over the place. Aly's words about making it out of the woods are some of the most beautiful I have ever read.

How I Learned God Cares About My Fear, by Donald Miller  // I'll readily admit: I am not the world's biggest fan of the object lesson, but this one had me locked in. The Lord has been so kind to reveal (through some tough situations) his thoughts towards me throughout these past few weeks, and he has done it through simple lessons like this one.

You Make Me Brave, by Bethel Live // This album has been on repeat literally all month long. Especially the first two tracks. I cannot get enough.

Simply Tuesday, by Emily P. Freeman // I cannot remember the last time I cried while reading a book. Emily's voice is a breath of fresh air, and reading her words is like talking to a trusted friend. She makes room for you, creates space for your soul to breathe. In Simply Tuesday, she kindly invites me to celebrate my smallness, to find freedom in the truth that I can only do what I can only do and to trust the Lord with the rest. She introduces me to a Jesus who does not condemn me when I do not know the answer, but rather takes my hand and gently reminds me that he is the answer (can you tell I just adore this book?).

This hand cream is the best. Also, this foundation. In the beauty blogging world, they call this kind of stuff holy grail. 

This is not a Flower Year, by Jess Connolly // Because I am starting the year in a new place, with a new job, and new people, and I want to know where the roots are. I want to discover within the rhythms of my everyday life what to water, where to prune, and what to dig up because it is dead.

My friend Leah has an entire section of her blog devoted to Bible journaling, and I am in love.

Hannah Brencher's writing intensive // Seriously, what is a list of monthly favorites without Hannah in it? I took her intensive on January 9 and came away absolutely changed. Though we've never met, and our lives look very different on the outside, Hannah is a spiritual mentor for me. Sure, this is a class on writing a good story, but even more than that, it is about living a good story.

I keep coming back to my friend Sarah Beth's words about the anti-hustle and Jess Connolly's words about disappointing people.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite things in January. Share them in the comments below!

let's talk // december favorites


These are a few of my favorite things:

This journal from Paperchase and these notebooks from Caroline Gardner make my heart supremely happy.

Vain & Fruitlessby Taylor Schumann // Here is someone who has lived through one of my worst fears. I felt like she straight up took my hands in hers and said hey, I know our hearts are weighed down, but Jesus is inviting us to live in the light. 

Audrey Assad's album Fortunate Fall has been on repeat 24/7. Specifically: Help my Unbelief, I Shall Not Want, and Good to Me (which you can see her perform live at Relevant here).

A Prayer for the People in Joy and in Griefby Emily P. Freeman // This prayer rang so true in my heart, especially when she writes about dissecting the mystery of a neighbor and the fear of losing a gift we were hesitant to accept in the first place. Also, I could listen to Emily talk all day long -- check out this interview with her.

This cozy living room, and this pretty bedroom.

I heart everything about Kate Bryan at The Small Things Blog.

A State of the Blog Address, by Rachel Dawson // Rachel talks analytics, scheduling, and embracing her unique voice. Mad, mad respect. Really, I love everything she does.

I discovered Katherine Jury's blog, and it is so, so homey.

I have been rocking the dark chambray all month long (similar, similar, similar).

When a blog turns 5by Hannah Brencher // Because sometimes I get tangled in the belief that as a writer, I must always be inspired and inspiring.

I'm never using another nude lipstick ever again. This one is the best (I promise, it is more nude than the picture makes it appear). Also, if you're in the market for a "my lips but better" pink, I highly suggest the Rimmel Kate Moss 08 (its in the black tube).

52 habits that can literally change your life, by Chrissy Halton // Hello, morning routine. One of my goals for 2016 is to have more rhythm in my life (high five if you can spell rhythm right on the first try, cause I can't).


What are some of your favorite things to come from December? Sharing is caring.

let's talk // november favorites.

novfav Some of the very best of the web, IMHO: 

You're Not Alone via Levi Lusko at Fresh Life Church // I listened to this sermon four times in one day. I could not get enough. It was a tangible example that God hears my prayers and knows what I need before I ask. I needed this.

Until That Day Comes via Sean Carter // This song made the man and I cry, so you know it has to be AMAZING.

The Importance of Saying You Are Welcome via Amber Thomas // Again, an answer to prayer. I have been grappling with this idea of making room for God, and Amber makes me feel far less alone. Her words speak life.

Why No & Yes are BFFs via Myquillin Smith, aka The Nester // Because I want so much more for 25 than what I settled for last year, and harvesting takes courage and intention. Most importantly, I want to say yes to God and who he created me to be.

I'll Hold You in the Light via HB // This girl's honest conversations with God mirror my own. Make me want you. 

All the deep truths to come out of HB's writing intensive, but especially this, this, and this.

I could not be more thrilled with what I chose to get on my 25th birthday. Hashtag rebel.

These are my supremely comfy post-turkey pants.

Sharing is caring. What was your favorite thing to come out of the web in November? Leave it in the comments below. ♥

favorites // september

Because these things deserve all the heart eye emojis: 

What Elizabeth Gilbert Wants You to Know about Big Magic via Marie Forleo // This interview has been, without a doubt, my favorite thing to come from the web in September. I loved soaking up Liz's words about creativity and living fearlessly. Both Liz and Marie carry so much grace and courage and the perfect dash of badass. I went out and bought this book immediately, because obviously.

Emily's words on living in a what now season, and what happened after her husband John quit his job. // Because the man and I just quit our jobs and are learning how to leap before we look.

In Which I Tell Myself "Why the Hell Not?" by Caitlyn Battelle // Caitlyn is my friend and a fellow INFJ and her words of wisdom and compassion make me feel less alone. She perfectly captures my current state of being.

This tweet from Bob Goff, who always manages to make me cry in 140 characters or less.

Take Yourself Out of the Running by Jess Connolly  // These words about comparison and envy and deciding to cease our striving for perfection in favor of worshiping a perfect God.

Maybe a tattoo idea? I have a feeling I could go tattoo crazy. Definitely getting one for my 25th birthday.

15 Truths You Need to Be Telling Yourself on the Regular by Ashley Beaudin // Over the past few months, Ashley has become one of my closest friends on the web. She is the real deal when it comes to loving people, and is unwavering when it comes to telling you the truth about yourself.

I'm also listening to this Shane and Shane album a LOT lately. So many classics.

And what would a monthly favorites post be without some words from Hannah Brencher? This woman constantly makes me crave more of Jesus.

I'd love to hear all about your favorites. Let's chat in the comments below.