let's talk // november favorites.

novfav Some of the very best of the web, IMHO: 

You're Not Alone via Levi Lusko at Fresh Life Church // I listened to this sermon four times in one day. I could not get enough. It was a tangible example that God hears my prayers and knows what I need before I ask. I needed this.

Until That Day Comes via Sean Carter // This song made the man and I cry, so you know it has to be AMAZING.

The Importance of Saying You Are Welcome via Amber Thomas // Again, an answer to prayer. I have been grappling with this idea of making room for God, and Amber makes me feel far less alone. Her words speak life.

Why No & Yes are BFFs via Myquillin Smith, aka The Nester // Because I want so much more for 25 than what I settled for last year, and harvesting takes courage and intention. Most importantly, I want to say yes to God and who he created me to be.

I'll Hold You in the Light via HB // This girl's honest conversations with God mirror my own. Make me want you. 

All the deep truths to come out of HB's writing intensive, but especially this, this, and this.

I could not be more thrilled with what I chose to get on my 25th birthday. Hashtag rebel.

These are my supremely comfy post-turkey pants.

Sharing is caring. What was your favorite thing to come out of the web in November? Leave it in the comments below. ♥