Currently | November

loving | Dreaming up possibilities, The Bible, online shopping, rearranging our furniture, hearing this little girl say "thank you, mama," getting hugged by Ann Voskamp, turning 26, snail mail from friends who just get it, seeing Switchfoot in Atlanta, the kind words of strangers, getting to be wife to this one.

wanting |More of Jesus all the time, community, deep roots.

needing | All of the above + a week's worth of rain.

watching | The Crown. So beautiful. Law & Order SVU, of course. And all the trailers and interviews for Jackie.

listening | Jon Foreman, Colin & Caroline, and The Mowgli's.

reading | The Broken Way -- life changing. Also Hannah Brencher's 13 thoughts on mental health, Erin Boyle's peace and justice advent calendar.

learning | The importance of slowing down, being generous, honoring myself and others by being wholly present, the beauty of the upside down kingdom.

feeling | Rested, for the most part, after Thanksgiving. Grateful for family, excited and nervous for the future.

craving | A lifetime supply of chestnut praline lattes.

laughing at | Dad jokes in the car with my eight year old brother in law, hearing LG call pickles "tickles," new and old cartoons with C.

Tell me all the things about your November. 

Currently | September


loving | Fall weather! This morning, it was chilly enough to need a light jacket, so basically, I'm in heaven now. Reuniting with my man after a week spent apart. Sudden rainstorms as viewed from my porch. Also, the unexpected gift of a long weekend and celebrating friends' birthdays with surprise flower deliveries.

wanting | I can't say I want for much these days, but I am definitely going to go out and purchase this vest this weekend. I will wear it with everything.

needing | Our whole community needs peace after Wednesday. Pray for us, especially sweet baby Jacob and his family?

watching | New Girl and Law & Order SVU (Hulu has ALL the episodes).

listening | Colin & Caroline's cover of The Chainsmokers and this worship song on repeat.

reading | Jess Connolly's blog about being a caesar salad, Hosea with my bible study group, Simply Tuesday with my book club, and a hundred other things.

learning | More and more everyday about being the beloved of Jesus.

feeling | A bit tired and drained, but so very grateful.

craving | Comfort food = pork roast with sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and green beans.

smelling | This candle makes my apartment smell so dreamy, but it isn't overpowering.

laughing at | This video"If Apple made a stadium, would it be called the MacArena?"

celebrating | One year anniversary of being in South Carolina. 

Tell me all the things about your September?