Currently | September


loving | Fall weather! This morning, it was chilly enough to need a light jacket, so basically, I'm in heaven now. Reuniting with my man after a week spent apart. Sudden rainstorms as viewed from my porch. Also, the unexpected gift of a long weekend and celebrating friends' birthdays with surprise flower deliveries.

wanting | I can't say I want for much these days, but I am definitely going to go out and purchase this vest this weekend. I will wear it with everything.

needing | Our whole community needs peace after Wednesday. Pray for us, especially sweet baby Jacob and his family?

watching | New Girl and Law & Order SVU (Hulu has ALL the episodes).

listening | Colin & Caroline's cover of The Chainsmokers and this worship song on repeat.

reading | Jess Connolly's blog about being a caesar salad, Hosea with my bible study group, Simply Tuesday with my book club, and a hundred other things.

learning | More and more everyday about being the beloved of Jesus.

feeling | A bit tired and drained, but so very grateful.

craving | Comfort food = pork roast with sweet potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and green beans.

smelling | This candle makes my apartment smell so dreamy, but it isn't overpowering.

laughing at | This video"If Apple made a stadium, would it be called the MacArena?"

celebrating | One year anniversary of being in South Carolina. 

Tell me all the things about your September?