Currently | August

loving | God really answered my prayers for community this month. There were a couple of key occasions where I dared to be vulnerable. Tangibly thick moments where the tension was heavy and I could have easily shrugged it off and taken the easier road. Except that I didn't, which never would have happened this time last year. I honestly feel like a different person.

needing | My soul feels so cluttered when we let our apartment go for a couple weeks, so I think with the long Labor Day weekend coming up, I'll scrub all the things.

feeling | August was filled to the brim with all of the feelings, but I have to say, at the end of the day, the one that overwhelms them all is that I am exactly where I need to be.

wanting | Time to clean my apartment, books, for this semester of life groups to go well, more truth, more wisdom, more clarity and direction.

reading | On my second (or third?) read of Emily P. Freeman's Simply Tuesday. I accidentally started a life group (read: book club) at our little church, and this is the first book we are reading.

listening | Colin & Caroline, Amanda Cook, The Oh Hello's, podcast sermons.

watching | C and I watched the pilot episode of Dexter last night, but I don't know how I feel about it. That inner monologue thing gets on my nerves.

smelling | In August, I went out and bought all things lavender, and I could not be happier with that decision.

travelling | We took a spur of the moment trip to North Carolina to visit Elevation Church for the first time. We love visiting other churches to learn what they are doing right and what we can bring back home to our little church. We heard from Holly Furtick on giving what you want to get, and it was like she had been reading my journal. I loved every minute of being there.

Tell me all the things about your August!

Let's Talk | August Goals

I've said it before: June was a hard month. But truth absolutely flooded July. I spent some serious time seeking wisdom and learning about what is truly required to get it. Scripture says that when we ask for wisdom, we cannot doubt. We must be single minded in our pursuit, not looking to the right or the left. And once we hear from God, we must act -- we must begin to build our live on the foundation of his truth. So, August is about building.


1. First and foremost, my very top priority is to hear his voice through continued daily quiet times.

2. Create and follow our Every Dollar Budget for the month, and make wise choices with our finances. Wisdom makes choices today that are still good tomorrow.

3. Meal plan (I'm already ahead on this!) and eat dinner at home at least six nights a week.

4. Read 4 books (audio books excluded). This month, I want to read "Prayer," by Tim Keller (you guys, I've wanted to read this one for the last two months -- hold me to it), Nouwen's "The Only Necessary Thing," "Finding Spiritual White Space," by Bonnie Gray, and "Uninvited," by Lysa TerKeurst.

5. Brainstorm hosting a book club with my best friend. We've been... talking about talking about this, if you know what I mean. But I really want to do it. I recently took a spiritual gifts test, and not surprisingly at all, hospitality came out on top. I know for most of us, this has looked like planning elaborate parties and being the hostess with the mostest -- but I want to create a place for real women to come and feel free to be vulnerable about their real lives.

6. Keep our apartment tidy. My monthly/weekly/daily cleaning schedule is from Day Designer.

7. Limit social networking to between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. I took a week long break from all my social networks in July, and was literally amazed by how peaceful I was. I read more, got more done, and just felt better.

8. Create boundaries for serving. This month, I am stepping away from a paid position at our church. It is bittersweet, for sure, but I am looking for opportunities to continue serving and need to understand what that will look like in a practical, meaningful way.

9. Walk around the neighborhood three times a week. This is a great way to get my steps in, plus I'm pushing a stroller with a toddler, so there's that.

10. Write in this space five times. I have a couple things in the draft folder, but after collaging some blogging tips and writing fuel , I just want to tell all the stories.

11. Daily heart checks with my husband. Because how that man follows Jesus means more to me than anything else, and I want to know how I can better encourage and pray for him. 

Do you make monthly goals? I'd love to hear about them and cheer you on!