what i've learned + what i'm into

[It has been awhile, but March was a prettybig month, so here goes nothing.]

In no particular order, here are some important things I learned during the month of March:

1. I love worshipping in the car. I spend a lot of time driving from county to county for work, and it has become a real source of joy and comfort to tune into The Fish and sing to the Lord.

2. I am a Type Six blogger. Who knew that they actually had established types of bloggers? This profile seriously fits me perfectly, and I'm finding more and more as I grow and mature that it is nice to be able to have these kinds of mirrors.

3. I am a highly sensitive person. I guess in March I just got really into personality-style stuff. This one was seriously revolutionary to me, because I had never been able to put words to my struggle for energy. I had given into the idea that low energy equals low passion and let that lie make me feel incredibly guilty. I  wrote more about that here.

4. There will always be people who make fun of me. When I was doing foster care training, we did an activity where we compared personality traits we wanted and ones we tolerated in a mate at sixteen versus ones we looked for and tolerated at whatever age we are now. When I landed on disrespectful, I told them that I could never have tolerated someone being disrespectful to me, even at the impressionable age of sixteen. The trainer was shocked, and made a point to call me out.

5. I feel more secure in who I am at this point in my life than maybe ever before. When the trainer decided to call me out, I could have easily gone back to my hotel room and spent the entire evening wondering what was wrong with me. But I didn't do that. And while I am constantly reminded that I have room to grow, I am really satisfied with my life and who I am right now -- regardless of what anyone else thinks.


And here are some things I'm into:

The music:

[spotify id="https://play.spotify.com/user/1227646053/playlist/5h9sUTUsRWFRQsCDbqlRkJ" width="300" height="350" /]


and of course, my constantly growing worship playlist

The viewing: 

Idiot Abroad. The husband and I literally devoured this.

Salinger. Netflix biography. Still angry about that girl ditching JD for Charlie Chaplain.

Undercover Boss. Always a tear jerker.

The favorited blogs:

Sarah Sandel's post on being a highly sensitive person.

Leigh Kramer's The Enneagram and Blogging: Type Six.

Crystal Styne's guest post at The Art of Simple about how making friends is really hard.

Hannah Brencher's words on being brave.

Ann's letter to her Hope-girl.

Literally everything over at The Nester's place.

In print:

[Confession: I love reading, but it often takes me awhile to finish books.]

"A Million Little Ways," by Emily Freeman.

"Packing Light," by Allison Vesterfelt.



Linking up with Emily Freeman & Leigh Kramer to share what I've learned lately and some of my favorite things. What have YOU learned and what are YOU into lately? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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