Five Minute Friday: Small

[Hello, there. I'm new to this whole Five Minute Friday thing. My friend Hannah introduced me today. An honest word? Writing for five minutes straight without pausing to edit or backtrack my thoughts is daunting. I've never written anything in five minutes, short of a grocery list. Plus, she said I wasn't allowed to think, just to write. I can already feel my perfectionism getting twitchy. But I'm taking a deep breath and saying here goes nothing...] I'm in a season of transition: recently graduated from college, newly married, moved to a new town, and searching for a job.  It is enough to make anyone feel small, isolated, and unaccomplished. Because when you're starting over in a new chapter, it can be difficult to remember that God honors the small things. Even as I write, the lingering Spirit whispers just keep going. 

Hemingway said that when you have writer's block, start by writing the truest sentence you know. Could the same be true of life? That when I feel small and directionless, the best way to begin is by living the truest thing?

Because at the end of the day, the truest thing I know is the love of the Father. I know that the world aches regardless of where we are or what season of life we're in, and we have been called to carry shalom into the dark corners.