Twenty-Four Things for my Twenty-Fourth

01: I have an addiction to books. I would buy them by the hundred if I could.

02: I am an adventurous eater, much to the dismay of my picky husband.

03: Going to bed early is a must for me. If I stay up too late, I get really grouchy.

04: In college, I almost changed my major to secondary English education, but after just one semester of education classes, I knew that's not what I was called to do.

05: When I was little, I wanted to be a meteorologist when I grew up. I kind of still want to be a meteorologist when I grow up.

06: Thanks to a Dad with great taste, I grew up listening to big band and swing, The Carpenters, Frank Sinatra, and James Taylor.

07: I'm bad about procrastinating. I should probably be doing something else right now.

08: Thanks to this book, I have a passionate love of last words.

09: I love watching documentaries, particularly on American history.

10: It really bothers me when things are not symmetrical.

11: My blogging days started on MySpace, circa 2005. Hello, teenage angst.

12: I have never dyed my hair, but when I was thirteen, I convinced my mom I wanted a perm. Probably the worst hair decision ever.

13: I think I might want a tattoo.

14: My boss convinced me to watch The Office and now I love it.

15: Never in my life have I ever had any athletic ability.

16: I walked down the aisle to a song I found on Ann Voskamp's blog.

17: My favorite actresses are Sally Field and Julia Roberts. Favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

18: I loathe Facebook, and try to only log on when I absolutely have to.

19: I didn't get my driver's license until I was 22, but since then, I've probably driven upwards of 10k miles visiting foster kids all over the state of Georgia.

20: I manage to know a lot about pop culture without even trying.

21: A guy I had a crush on in college tried to set me up with the guy I ended up marrying, but I said no. Enter a God whose ways are not our ways, and the rest is just crazy good history.

22: If I hadn't gone the counseling/social work route, I probably would have become a journalist.

23: You seriously want to be on my team if we ever play Catchphrase, Taboo, or Balderdash. I also have a near maniacal love for Jeopardy, and would watch it every day if we had cable.

24: Dog shaming will always, always make me laugh.