Some goals for February.


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It seems as though I blinked and January was all but over. It was a packed month, both in terms of scheduling and emotions, but God's hand has been tangible throughout.

Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish very many of the goals I had made for January, but I did do a few meaningful things that I'm proud of:

I hosted a group of women in my home. This was such an amazing night. At first, I thought that maybe no one would show up, because the Facebook event didn't get many views or comments. But sure enough, as I was prepping the bean dip and the salad and taking the cookies out of the oven, there was a knock at the door, and four of the most beautiful women sat down around our dining room table and we had the best time.

I began volunteering as a leader for middle school girls at the church. This is something that most assuredly will test my patience and stretch me. Honestly, the first night felt like a scene straight out of Mean Girls. But I so desire to fulfill the mission of our church, specifically through leading women. My prayer is that as this season of ministry unfolds, God will soften my heart, give me patience, and increase my capacity to love.

I joined our local gym. The owner gave me a tour the other day while I was on my lunch break, and as soon as the clock struck five, I returned to pay the fee and receive my key card. Starting slowly, of course, I just did a couple miles on the treadmill this morning before coming into the office. I'm excited to do more, and maybe even check out a yoga or spin class.


On Sunday, we talked about soul wellness and living holistically. The point that resonated with me the most is that we cannot say it is well with our souls unless we have given our whole selves -- our hearts, our minds, our bodies -- over to the Lord. And so with that in mind, I'm pressing towards these goals for February:

1. Be a finisher. This is something that I am particularly bad at. Simply put, I purchase new things (laundry detergent, makeup, shampoo, etc.) long before the old ones are empty or used up. In an effort to save some money and consolidate the cabinet under my bathroom sink, I will not purchase a new product without first finishing the one I'm currently on.

2. Schedule another #bloom gathering. I really want this to be a monthly thing. My heart beats for hospitality and helping women to find and follow Jesus.

3. Read two books. I regret to say that I did hardly any reading in January. If you're curious, I'm finishing up Restless, by Jennie Allen, and The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst. Once I'm done with those, I'm moving on to Anything, by Jennie Allen, and Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown.

4. Write 6,000 words. Hello, scary new project.

5. Go on a date with C. Sure, we go a lot of places, and most of our time is spent together, but we're not very intentional about how we spend our time. So with Valentine's Day coming up, I'm looking forward to the classic dinner and a movie.

6. Be more positive and loving with my self-talk. I am the worst at saying I'm stupid, too emotional, terrible at whatever I'm doing (you know what I mean).

7. Abide by the cleaning schedule. No brainer.



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