This is the space where I come to scratch down love letters and life lessons. Like you, I’m on a lifelong quest for more wisdom, beauty, and justice. Like yours, my days are filled with the sweet and the bitter, the holy and hilarious, the mundane and extraordinary—and honestly, when I look close enough, those things are usually one and the same. Here, you’ll find words fueled by copious amounts of coffee and hopefully even more grace.

Five Minute Friday // Begin

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Her words have been resounding throughout this season: the thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. His words follow, we are constantly invited to be who we are. 

Its a good thing that the Lord's mercies are new every morning. Every January, we make these resolutions, to lose weight, to redecorate our homes, to get that promotion, to read more, to be more on top of our spending habits. And by the third week, it seems like everything is out of control again, and there's just no sense in trying to fix it, because we're already too far gone.

But that's not what scripture says. Lamentations promises that He is faithful, even when we fall down, and that every morning is a brand new chance. We don't have to wait for the clock to hit midnight on the eve of a new year to start all over again. We are constantly invited to start over and be who we are called to be. But I think sometimes we spin our wheels trying to figure out who the world tells us we are supposed to be instead of being who we were created to be. We build walls, because it couldn't possibly be that simple, could it?

What if we were brave enough to let go of all the supposed to be's and grab hold of all of the created to be's? We were created to be joy bringers and mountain movers and kingdom builders. What if every ribbon of the rising sun was seen as a starting line, a safe place to begin again inside His grace?

It is 8:45 a.m. on August 1. Who do you want to be? Who were you lovingly created to be in this moment, this hour, this day? It took a long time for me to realize that I don't have to wait any more.


Hard to believe that just shy of a year ago, I did one of the craziest, best things I've ever done since I began blogging. I wrote my first post for Five Minute Friday, on starting small and living the truest thing. The women I've met over the past year have changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I have found sisters who constantly encourage, a community that always leaves a light on. Mothers and daughters and sisters and friends. My story is so much richer because of them, and my passion for the power of testimonies has grown beyond what I ever imagined it could. And now, Lisa Jo is beginning a new season, passing the torch of Five Minute Friday to Kate, who I pray has felt wholeheartedly welcomed.

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