Hi, there. I’m Erin — it’s a gift to welcome you to this quiet corner of the internet. I’d like to think that the things I write about here are the kinds of things we would chat about if you came over for coffee. There may also be chocolate chip cookies, but I’m kind of scatterbrained, so I can’t really make any promises. I also can’t guarantee that the sink will be free of the pots and pans from last night’s dinner, but what I can tell you for sure is that the windows would be open. There would be a candle burning in the corner, stray books everywhere you turn, and folk-pop playing in the background.

I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful or powerful than stories, so I’d share them instead of opinions. And I’d ask to hear your story, because there’s nothing I love more than hearing about the struggles you’re overcoming and what makes you come alive. There would be a lot of room for grace, because I need it more and more every day, and I’m betting you do, too.

Nowadays I’m trying to adopt a slower, simpler, more rhythmic way of living. The truth is, I can’t deal with a lot of hustle or hype in my life, because the inevitable side effect is an unsettled soul. I want to feel spacious and creative and aligned and authentic and grateful, and as an INFJ/HSP (I’m in love with all things personality), that means I need a lot of margin and fewer spinning plates. I can’t always keep time with the craziness of the world, and I’m learning that that’s okay.

I’m messily working out what it means to follow Jesus and walk in my own belovedness. You won’t find any frills or pretense here when it comes to faith, just unapologetic passion for the basics of what scripture teaches: believing and loving God, serving his church, and loving my neighbor.

The best thing I’ve done with my life is being this man’s wife. Craig is the yin to my yang in every way. He’ll tell you that he isn’t cooler than me, but don’t be fooled by this. I definitely got the better end of this marriage deal.

And since some people are curious: I graduated from Bible college with a degree in counseling and psychology and a minor in biblical and theological studies.

I’d love nothing more than to get to know you here.



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