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My attention and energy are pulled in all different directions, but the cry of my heart is simply to rest and be filled in the presence of Christ. Resting takes intention. Stillness is a learning process, a well-traveled path. We must choose to rest. It seems so backwards, when I think about it. Culture tells us that we have to do more and be more and do better and be better in order to be loved. Wouldn’t it be nice to give that notion up, and live a life with less pressure? We can lay down the chains of supposed to be’s and take on the grace of the created to be’s. Christ invites us into his presence, where that pressure is lifted, and we have the opportunity to give up the fight for perfection and battle to be loved. We are already his beloved.

What other people are saying:

“This is a must read that I pray will help you to exalt God in your life.”
— Kevin Robison, Cross Point Church

“Erin writes with the tone of someone who leads within the church.”
— Mat Payne, journalist

“Erin encourages us to find deep, soul joy, and after reading Coming to the Altar, I believe that I can.” — Aliza Latta, blogger for (in)courage

“I love her understanding gleaned from God’s word.”
— Rebekah, blogger

“She speaks things that so many women many women speak, or whisper, in the quiet moments where we think no one is listening.”
— Sarah, blogger


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