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Today is definitely the right day for this. After a very mild beginning to winter, the weather forecast for the next 24 hours is a freezing wintery mix at best. Lately, I’ve been thinking about home. After my mom left ten years ago, we moved around a lot. Probably not as much as I think, but it felt like a lot for the girl who had lived in the same house for her entire life until then. We rented apartment after apartment trying to get back on our feet, groping in the dark for this idea of home. Then I moved to Georgia for college, got married, and ended up living there for a couple years before God called us to South Carolina last autumn. All together, I have lived in 10 different places, and each has felt less and less like home, until now. Now, I see that home is something I have to fight for. I have to be willing to put myself out there and be vulnerable for the sake of home. I have to be willing to pick up the phone. I have to be willing to swallow my pride and ask. But most of all, I have to remember that this deep longing for home is meant to point me towards the kingdom.