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Last week, my blood pressure was so worrisome (even after a month of being off my birth control) that my doctor decided medication was the best course of treatment to keep it in check. Recently, I have thought a lot about goals and health and self care and balance. Honestly, I’m not much of a goal person, mostly due to perfectionism (which I believe is one of the sneakiest strongholds, because it is so often seen as a virtue). But I’m learning that the people I admire for their wisdom, health, and balance aren’t perfect. They’re simply disciplining themselves to make better choices. They don’t wait for a magical flip of the calendar, because they understand that God’s mercies are new every morning. We get a blank slate each and every day, which means there’s no excuse for procrastination. So I’m starting today, because I crave balance, and I believe that it is absolutely essential, not just to my physical health, but because I want to love my husband and our family and friends well. Even more than that, I want to love God well. And Henri Nouwen described discipline as “the concentrated effort to create space in which God can move.” So here’s to Day 1, and avocado toast with fried egg for breakfast. Here’s to the process, and just deciding to be better. Also, thanks to @myfreedombell & @hannahbrencher’s #cravingseries for pushing me.